Servisys Limited



Hourly or Daily rate

Full or part days, with some (or if necessary all) work on the clients premises.

         Ad-hoc             55 / hour + VAT

         Longer term      Discount on above rate will be available depending on length / flexibility of contract

Fixed price

A  scoping document will produced outlining the scale and nature of the work to be undertaken and the price. The price is then as agreed, providing that there are no material changes to the required work or scope of that work. Should there be changes, these will be documented and agreed between the parties as soon as is practical after the discovery that change is necessary. Should the amount of work be substantial, then phased payments will be required, if possible, tied to some sort of identifiable deliverable.

It should be noted that fixed price contracts are often beneficial as the price includes any training etc that may be necessary. A further benefit is that payment is by results and thus the controlling amount of time spent is largely irrelevant to the client and thus keeps any client management effort to a minimum.


Expenses will be charged in addition to the above rates. The level of charges will be agreed at the commencement of the project or work.                                                                       


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